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Theater Room     

New Produced Videos!
Spookmanor Productions Films & Documentaries

Episodes Included in our theater:
New scary movie! "Happy 4th my Dear"
Funny paranormal, ghost investigation blunders. Part 1
Haunted Miner House
Episode 1 :The Capitol building in Washington D.C. "Tales of a Haunting"
Episode 2: Las Vegas, Gambling, Nightlife and Ghosts?
Woman behind Spookmanor Productions:Billie Peel
9/11 Evp Capture/Tribute
Ghost Street Dancing
9/11 EVP or spirit voice, calling for help
Audio Session with "M.J."

Paranormal "Examiner" Articles
Written by; Billie Peel

Paranormal articles in drop-down menu.

Anyone can write for the "National Examiner"

Apply Here

Our Books

Recently Published
"Titanic Gives back Love"
an Irish Love Story.

Paperback (Lower Price!): $6.00

Spookmanor Ghost Club
Series 1
"The Screaming Dog"(For Mostly Pre-Teens & Up)

Paperback(Lower Price!): $6.00

Help Me Into The Light
"A Guide For The Afterlife"

Great seller!(Adult Audience)

Paperback(Lower Price!): $5.99
Kindle Price: 2.99

Our Pola
"A Polish Woman's Journal"

Paperback (Lower Price!): $5.99
Kindle Price: 2.99
Our New Children's Book

The Borings
"Adventures Building A Patio"
(Juvenile/Childs Book)

Illustrated Paperback(Lower Price!): $9.13

Author Billie Peel
Writer's website

Peter James
Amazing recorded video on the Queen Mary!

Coming Soon
Spookmanor Ghost Club
Series 2
"The Grocery Store"
(For Mostly Pre-Teens & Up)

"How To Article"
Pendulum Dowsing

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